Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic

Dear sir, I hope you survive. I haven't seen anyone as sick as you in a long long time and I do not believe I have ever seen anyone with so many drips as you had yesterday. You were so unstable after coding twice and barely hanging on that we were afraid to turn or move you from the gurney to the bed.

I am sorry you and your family were blindsighted by this horrible disease and I hope you get a chance to speak to them again, heck, I hope you made it through the night. You did nothing wrong, BIG D got you and wreaked havoc on your body.

It was sad when your wife was watching us resuscitate you. I wanted to hug her and talk to her but I was a little busy. I hope someone did that for her. She was so nice.

Good luck, sir, I hope you wake up before your birthday next week.




  1. I can't imagine this being my daily job.

    Thank you for stopping by The Jason Show and commenting today! I will look for your team!

  2. Jason, I can't imagine being a teacher! ACK!