Sunday, February 28, 2010

Open Letter to Day Cares

When a two year old child in your charge falls off the playset, is unable to walk, and has obvious swelling to his thigh it is probably best to call 911 rather than have him try to take a nap. After you call 911, notify his parents and let the professionals deal with moving and transporting him.

Do you realize his daddy drove him to us in the backseat of the car with a freaking BROKEN FEMUR? Do you realize how difficult it was to get him out of the car and onto the gurney? He screamed the entire time. Do you realize I had to hold traction on his poor little leg the entire time we transported him from the parking lot into the trauma bay?

Paramedics are just a phone call away. They would have stabilized his leg, they would have made him comfortable for the bumpy ride to the hospital, they would not have suggested you try to get him to take a nap.

Thank you.

Oh, and for your information - Children's Protective Services have been notified. The type of fracture he had was not consistent with your story, and the delay in care he experienced was not appropriate, you dumb asses.


  1. what a bunch of f@#&*n idiots....thankfully people like you are in the professional health care industry, pathetic that a professional athlete makes more $ than someone who saves lives everyday like you....again, yet another amazing post, always were a great writer...keep em coming...think you have found another you!

  2. this makes me want to cry, actually I have tears in my eyes, that poor little guy.